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Port of Moerdijk can count itself among the most secure ports in the Netherlands. The port authority is a partner in an extensive safety program of regional and national safety partners. The fact that Moerdijk scores excellently in terms of safety is partly due to the public-private partnership in the Moerdijk Industrial Estate Security Foundation (SBIM), a professional fire brigade (SBM), medical services arranged through the Port Health Center, a modern communications center (HMCC) that is available 24/7. 7 is manned and the alert system (Port Alert Moerdijk, formerly Chainels).

In our communications center (HMCC), we keep a close eye on all traffic and movements in the port and on the site with the help of around 100 cameras and countless sensors. By connecting information and scenarios, our state-of-the-art software further increases security. We keep an overview with things such as automatic license plate registration, weighing of passing vehicles and anomaly detection. The collected data is linked to police databases. Automatically operated access gates around the entire site provide tailor-made security. In this way, Port of Moerdijk creates an environment in which entrepreneurs can do business without worries.

'Excelling Moerdijk Safety'. We do this firmly, sharply, smartly and, above all, together. (Gijs-Jan Schüssler, harbour master and program manager Safety)

We have expressed our ambitions with regard to safety in and around the port and the industrial estate in the 'Veiligheidsvisie 2030'. As far as we are concerned, it is not about ordinary safety & security; we want to be 'excellently safe'.

Opening times gates Port of Moerdijk 

  • Working days: 05:00 - 00:00 
  • Saturday: 05:00 - 20:00
  • Sunday: closed

The main entrance and exit (De Entree) to/from the A17 highway is always open (unless there are emergencies).


Creating a safe Port of Moerdijk together

Moerdijk has arranged its safety and security well and collectively in a public-private partnership. In the Moerdijk Industrial Estate Security Foundation (SBIM), businesses and authorities work together under the chairmanship of the mayor to secure the port and industrial estate. This includes surveillance services, monitoring access roads and escape routes, camera control, emergency alerts and prevention advice.

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Port Health Center

In the event of an accident or fire, emergency response personnel from the Port Health Center provide first aid.

The Port Health Center has extensive knowledge of the treatment of chemical injuries and illnesses following exposure to hazardous substances.

You can call on the Port Health Center to assist you with incidents at or near your company. Emergency response personnel can use the helpdesk 24/7 to make the right decision or provide the right treatment. A specialized GP can answer questions about health effects after exposure to hazardous substances.

The Port Health Center can also provide vaccinations, perform a PMO (Periodic Medical Examination) or other medical examinations and examinations (chemical, offshore and maritime).

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Professional fire brigade

Since 2013, Port of Moerdijk has had its own professional fire brigade on site, which is specially trained for emergencies at BZRO companies with chemical products. This public-private partnership initiative is paid for by governments and companies.

Active 24/7. On site within 6 minutes. 

The fire brigade has modern equipment and new fire boats in and near the port; the perfect equipment to solve fires and other emergencies. The fire brigade is available 24 hours, seven days a week and is on site within 6 minutes of every call. 

Risk profile 

Port of Moerdijk has a special risk profile, due to the collection of high-risk companies that work with hazardous substances, heavy industry, enormous logistics centers and special infrastructure. These risks are justified because government and business in the Moerdijk port and industrial area are jointly investing in high-quality safety facilities.

Fire service is of the highest level and remains core business in Moerdijk. The Post Moerdijk Haven provides professional, public, corporate and specialist industrial fire service. If necessary, the volunteer posts in Moerdijk-dorp, Klundert, Zevenbergen and the rest of the region can provide deployment and support in the event of incidents.

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Port Alert Moerdijk

Under the motto 'safety is in your own hands', the Port Alert Moerdijk (PAM) app immediately informs you of work, incidents and other safety news relating to the port and industrial estate. You can also report an unsafe situation via the app yourself.

The app automatically pushes 112 notifications and messages from Alert4All and the 'Veiligheidsregio Midden-West-Brabant' , insofar as they relate to Port of Moerdjk.

Furthermore, all authorities, such as Police, Customs, Royal Military Police, etc. are connected to the app to regularly share safety information.

If work on infrastructure or plants is expected that could cause inconvenience, you will also receive a notification via PAM.

The Port Alert Moerdijk app will be available in January 2024 via the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and via the web.