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Port of Moerdijk is divided into different activities: Logistics Park Moerdijk (LPM), Industrial Park Moerdijk (IPM), Ecopark, Tradepark and Seaport. There are also office locations at the Service Point West and on the Plaza.

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Here you will find all announcements about the sale, rental or leasehold of land by the Port of Moerdijk authority. These are only available in Dutch.




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Permit advice via Commissie Vestiging

If you want to establish yourself at Port of Moerdijk, the 'Commissie Vestiging' (Establishment Committee) is the one-stop-shop where you can gain insight at an early stage whether you meet all permit conditions. You will receive comprehensive advice, which will ensure that the permit granting process runs smoothly.

The committee represents all agencies that you may encounter if you apply for a settlement permit: the municipality of Moerdijk, the Central and West Brabant Environment Agency (OMWB), the province of North Brabant, Rijkswaterstaat, the Brabantse Delta water board, the fire brigade and the Port of Moerdijk authority. .

The committee assesses requests for advice in the field of the environment, possible nuisance for the immediate environment, spatial planning (zoning plan) and the Housing Act (building permit). After assessment, the committee provides advice to the Port of Moerdijk authority.

Do you want to settle in an existing building? The committee can then also assess whether your business activities can be accommodated at that location.


You can apply for permits via the Omgevingsloket 

The 'Port and Site Regulations' are the basis for order and safety on the entire Moerdijk port and industrial estate, including banks, earthworks and structures, roads, plants, buildings, etc.

The regulation contains provisions on moorings, environmental nuisance, damage experiences, carrying out works in the port area, the transport of dangerous substances, punishment and final provisions.



At Port of Moerdijk we believe in customisation. At the Moerdijk port and industrial estate we do not work with fixed plots, but look for the best solution for available space. On the map you will find an indication of the available space (shown in gray).

Please contact our commercial department directly for more information and the current situation. We would be happy to discuss suitable customisation with you.