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Port of Moerdijk is a forerunner in embracing new technology and stimulating innovation. This makes industrial and logistics processes more efficient, safer and faster. Port of Moerdijk, for example, is one of the first port areas with an IoT network on this scale.

Insight through smart sensoring

Many processes run simultaneously at the port site of Port of Moerdijk. The digitisation of our infrastructure makes Port of Moerdijk smarter! With smart sensors and advanced technologies connected to one network, we can keep track of real-time data about, for example, the environment, safety, water levels and transport movements. This creates insights that make predictive maintenance possible, allows us to carry out precision checks and makes our processes and communication better.

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Innovativ collaborations

About 400 companies are located on our port and industrial estate. We at the Port of Moerdijk authority have the task of connecting these companies, making use of each other's strengths and strengthening clusters. We do this by organising 'tables' where we discuss problems and opportunities with each other. There are already dozens of companies that are entering into meaningful connections to make use of each other's knowledge and resources. There are also various initiatives for a joint approach to labour market and training issues.

Information driven security

Working safely in and around the port is of great importance. Port of Moerdijk is one of the most secure ports in the Netherlands. This is due to excellent private-public cooperation between the municipality, authorities and the business community, where knowledge is shared and innovations are given a chance. Data and connecting information play an important role in this. Undermining crime takes on different forms, but thanks to our innovative approach, Port of Moerdijk is constantly achieving success in its ambition of excellent safety.