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Are you an entrepreneur at Port of Moerdijk and do you want to request permission for excavation, construction or construction, or do you need geographical information? You can submit an application for various activities to the Infrastructure and Management department of the port authority.

Requesting permission (NL)

You can request permission here for excavation work in public areas (planned/incident), construction of rainwater drainage on surface water or sewer, construction of waste water drainage on sewer, construction of an entrance and the construction of a route or construction in public areas. You can also request GIS information or any other information via the Infrastructure and Management department.

Unregistered vehicle exemption (MBBS)

You can arrange an exemption for an unregistered vehicle (MBBS) through the municipality of Moerdijk. According to the Vehicle Regulations, unregistered vehicles must have the following dimensions: length 12 meters, width 2.6 meters, height 4 meters.

If you want to use an unregistered vehicle that deviates in length, width or height within the boundaries of the Moerdijk port and industrial area, you can apply for an exemption from the municipality of Moerdijk. This also applies to exceptional transport.

Apply for an exemption

You can submit your application for exemption in writing or by e-mail to Martijn van Galen of the municipality of Moerdijk. Please indicate in your request:

  • For which route you are requesting an exemption. In response to your request, you will receive an overview map on which you can indicate that route. Port of Moerdijk assesses this route.
  • Why you need the exemption.
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle and its dimensions (height, width, mass of transport).
  • For what period you are requesting the exemption.