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The Port of Moerdijk is the 4th seaport of national importance and the 2nd container port in the Netherlands. Over 400 companies are located in a management area that is approximately 2,635 hectares (or, in other words, over 3,690 football fields) in size. The entire area can be closed off with fencing.

The port and industrial area have access to 5 modalities (seawater, inland water, road, rail, and pipeline), connecting Moerdijk to Brabant, the Netherlands, hinterland, and Europe. With 29 'port facilities,' the Port of Moerdijk also serves as a European external border.


Facts and figures about our infrastructure

Financial documents

As a port authority, we are transparent in what we do. That is why we publish our quarterly reports, annual reports and budgets. The annual report and budget are written based on our objectives and themes and therefore also provide good textual insight into our plans, ambitions and results. *only available in Dutch*