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Port of Moerdijk, the Municipality of Moerdijk, DSV and Vrolijk Groep symbolically drove the first piles into the ground at Logistiek Park Moerdijk on March 18, 2024.

Monday, March 18, 2024 is a historic day because after 32 years, a new dimension will be added to Port of Moerdijk. The first planning around the area, then under the name “Moerdijkse Hoek”, took place in 1992, when there was still 1,200 hectares of development.

After several major studies, the first provincial integration plan was completed in 2015 and  was definitively adopted in 2016. This was followed by waiting for the nitrogen rulings of the European Court of Justice and the ruling of the Council of State in 2019, which ultimately concluded in September 2020 that the physical development of Logistiek Park Moerdijk could start.

“From this perspective, the development of LPM provides an economic boost for Moerdijk itself, surrounding municipalities and the West Brabant region. However, surrounding regions also benefit from the construction of LPM. It is therefore justified to say that the development of LPM contributes to the maintenance and strengthening of the logistics position of the Netherlands. After all, the logistics hub of the Netherlands cannot function optimally if there are no strong, market-based locations in the hinterland that can meet demand.” (Stec group, socio-economic effects LPM, April 2014).


The agreement with DSV dates from 2021. The port authority is proud of DSV's plans in which sustainability and architectural integration have been given an important place. The area has a high BREEAM qualification and DSV is also committed to obtaining the BREEAM Excellent designation with the warehouse. It is DSV's largest warehouse; of no less than 240,000 m2 and a circumference of almost 4 km. There will be 136 docks for loading and unloading and a roof with room for cars and solar panels. An impressive campus with innovative ambitions that will enable hundreds of people to work in the near future.

The surrounding area will benefit directly and indirectly from this unique warehouse that will be built here and connects us as a port in a responsible manner with the wider region, the Netherlands and beyond with Europe.

Paul Dirix, CEO