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KWS and Port of Moerdijk are off to a flying start with optimizing traffic accessibility at Port of Moerdijk

Although the official signing has yet to take place, the construction team 'Main access to the Moerdijk port and industrial estate' has started. Over the next five to eight years, work will be done to optimize the accessibility of the Moerdijk port and industrial estate. Much attention will be paid to adjustments to the connections to the A17 and other bottlenecks will also be addressed to improve road safety and flow.

In addition to the port authority as clients and KWS, the construction team consists of our own consultancy firm KWS @vice, VolkerWessels Infrastructure companies Vialis and Van Hattum & Blankevoort. They will work together in the near future to develop the design that will optimize accessibility, traffic flow and traffic safety of the port and industrial estate. Within the assignment, a distinction is made between the sub-areas De Entree (or the connections to the A17) and the southwestern part of Port of Moerdijk, where the construction team will tackle a total of nine smaller bottlenecks.

Increase road safety
The Moerdijk Port Authority has commissioned the construction team for the main access roads to start because of the increased traffic on the A16, the A17 and the connections of these roads. This causes traffic to become congested more quickly and compromises road safety. The construction team is therefore looking for sustainable and phased traffic solutions to increase road safety. Particular attention is being paid to the possibilities of doubling the incoming and outgoing main connections to the port and industrial estate via De Entree, which will require, among other things, the construction of an additional structure over the A17 for outgoing traffic.

In addition to smaller optimizations, the work that must be carried out in the coming years in the realization phase includes: the construction of traffic control systems and the conversion of roundabouts into VRI-controlled intersections on the southwest side of the port and industrial estate, the construction of two additional lanes and one additional artwork at the main access points.

Also renovation of all pumping stations in the port
The project is part of the multi-year construction team where KWS company M.J. Oomen Sewer and Concrete Technology together with the Port of Moerdijk are working on the renovation of all pumping stations in the port.