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From Monday, December 18, 2023, the Moerdijkseweg will be closed for regular traffic. The entire area of the Logistics Park Moerdijk will in fact become a construction site. The closure is necessary for road safety. It is not safe enough for cyclists, walkers, cars and other traffic to move through construction traffic.

Complete closure of construction site

By including the Moerdijkseweg in the LPM construction site from now on, the site can be completely closed off. This makes it easier to keep unwanted visitors, such as motorcross riders, off the construction site and thus prevent nuisance to local residents.

Diversion via Lage Zwaluwe station

All traffic, including pedestrians and cyclists, will be diverted via Lage Zwaluwe station (see map). The diversion route is indicated on signs along the road. The additional travel time for cyclists is approximately 5 minutes. For cars, the additional travel time is approximately 2 minutes. The diversion will remain in place until a safe route over the LPM is ready, via the new main access road: the Nieuwe Moerdijkseweg.