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Port of Moerdijk and EBN Veiligheidsdienst sign agreement for security services in Port of Moerdijk

Port of Moerdijk has awarded the security services for the port and industrial estate to EBN Veiligheidsdienst. The collaboration stems from the port authority's ambition to be the safest port and industrial estate in the Flemish-Dutch Delta by 2030, with 'excellent safety' as a unique advantage. The agreement between the Moerdijk Port Authority and EBN has a term of 8 years. EBN will thus succeed Securitas.

The collaboration is aimed at achieving the objectives of the Port of Moerdijk to a safety level that not only meets but exceeds the legal standards. It includes the security of the public area of both the seaport and the industrial estate of Moerdijk. The focus is on continuously further professionalizing the ongoing work. The awarding to EBN Veiligheidsdienst can be seen as a strategic move to achieve these goals. The integration of the future expansion with the Moerdijk Logistics Park (LPM) is also a crucial aspect.

Mobile surveillance, manning and use advanced technologies
EBN Veiligheidsdienst is no stranger to Port of Moerdijk. The company, founded in 1919, has been active in the port and industrial area since the turn of the century. Our own support center on the ground testifies to a long-term commitment to the region. The deep-rooted local presence also underlines the knowledge and experience that EBN brings to the security services for the Port of Moerdijk.

Security services such as mobile surveillance and 24/7 staffing of the Moerdijk Port Authority Communication Center (HMCC) will guarantee safety on site. The use of advanced technologies, such as camera monitoring, license plate registration and drones, ensures that activities on the site are monitored in real time.

Strategic alliance
The partnership with EBN not only marks an important step in the realisation of the 'Veiligheidsvisie 2030', but also strengthens the collaboration between two parties that are committed to innovation and the further development of the Moerdijk port and industrial estate. The strategic alliance also fits in with EBN's aim to be a leader in the security industry. Together, the efforts will contribute to achieving the ambition to be the safest port and industrial estate in the Flemish-Dutch Delta by 2030.


Havenbedrijf Moerdijk en team EBN Veiligheidsdienst staan samen voor security Port of Moerdijk
From left to right (standing) Dominique Heijnen, commercial director EBN, Wesley van Dongen, operational manager EBN, Gijs-Jan Schüssler, manager security and harbor master Moerdijk Port Authority; (sitting) Frank van Jeveren, CEO EBN en Paul Dirix, CEO Port of Moerdijk